Club Penguin Herbert Tracker 2013

Below is the Club Penguin Herbert Tracker 2013. Use it too find Herbert as quick as possible:

Status: Arriving on August 1st
Server: Tracking
Room: Tracking

About Herbert:
Herbert is the main villain on Club Penguin. He plans to make the island warmer and to end the Elite Penguin Force. Herbert hasn't become an offical mascot, but is in the mascot swf files. Herbert has been seen several times in the psa missions with klutzy. He's most known for destroying the psa with popcorn in the mission "veggie villain". Herbert was also in the club penguin short "puffle trouble". 
Here are some tips on finding Herbert on Club Penguin:
  • Herbert goes on servers with 3-5 green bars. Check fuller servers first.
  • Herbert is a white bear and is a bit bigger than penguins.
  • Herbert goes to the Club Penguin server, 
  • Herbert stays on one server for 10-15 minutes and then goes to another one.
  • Herbert can be on multiple servers at once.
  • Hebert visits the room ski hill, command center, ski village, and other popular rooms.
  • When you are in the same room as Herbert you will earn the "Herbert stamp".
  • Click the box icon to get his background.
  • You can become Herbert's buddy by clicking on the penguin icon.
  • Sometimes finding Herbert can take awhile, my tracker should help you find him quicker.
Have you found Herbert on Club Penguin? Do you need help finding him? Let me know by leaving a comment below.